Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The heat rolls in...moving on Chris's road frame

You can tell July is here...it is hot, sweaty and muggy in the town of Woo. Makes me want to take a siesta instead of sweat it out in the shop ;)

This is gonna be a quick update, as I've gotta keep moving along today.

Monday morning, I ran up to Joe Bringheli's, the US distributor for Deddachi tubing, to have a quick looksie at some different stay options for Chris's build. Although it's an hour drive, I do have alternative motives for wanting to run up to Parma...Rito's Bakery!

I always lasso up some fresh Italian bread (my weakness...yum!) and a few canoli's for the family. Truly lovin wrapped up in chocolate laced goodness.

When I got back, I finished brazing up the dropouts on the road forks...here they are soaking off the flux before heading to the mill to relieve the dropout scallops.

Now that I have the stays I like aesthetically for the build, I layed out the measurements and began by cutting the dropout slots. I use two slitting saws with a custom sized washer between them that matches the width of the dropouts I like to use, this allows for one pass efficiency.

As this road frame will be a geary with the ability to run single speed, I fabbed up an 80's style combination dropout that were popular on mountain bikes. The horizontal slot allows for chain tensioning duties while the travel is short enough to keep the caliper brakes within their pad adjustment range. The derailleur tab is positioned so that when run as a geary in the fully forward position, the rear derailleur is properly positioned.

Once all the pieces parts are ready for action, it all gets placed in the chainstay fixture for mitering the bottom bracket interface.

In the mill, the hole saw spinning happily along...
And cut and fit.
I'm going to take my soggy britches and get some late lunch and be back for the heat of the afternoon and some seat stays.

Hoping to finish fab today and start paint tonight...we'll see. Chris is flying in on Friday for pick up, gonna have to keep the pedal to the floor :)



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