Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anyone care for custom paint?

Been busy finishing up custom paint on bars, working on a Ti repair and repaint, and Bob's Yo.

Kalten's been nibbling away at scraping and painting the final wall of the shop. It's been HOT and humid, so I can totally relate to his lethargic attitude. Feel like we're down in Ol' Mexico at the best thing to do is to take a little siesta :)

I received probably the worst beat and seized frame yet in for future resto...this grellow and blue Yo. Stem rust welded into steerer...check, large chunk of steel seized in seat tube...check, bottom bracket not rotating...check, multiple dents and scrapes...check. This frame has it all!

Note the hammer dent in the top tube and the bent rear stay from a car...yucky.

I finished up Bob's steel work on his Yo resto...came out pretty smooth considering the holes we had to work with.
Bob's frame all primered up and ready for some Gulf stream colors...

Lots of bars that are getting fresh custom colors...the final July and some August bars.

Here are some quick pics of a Ti frame repair that I did. I had to replace the chainstay on the drive side and it is getting a funky sunset red over black paint job. Here is the black with the underlying silver down.
And after multiple coats of red....

The last few pics are of Lester's bar...a sunset red with silver pinstripes. Here's the base layer flashing off in the setting sun.

and after it's been masked, painted and ready for clear. I believe Lester is planning on using clear grips, so the pinstripes should look pretty killer underneath them.

Shipping all the custom painted bars, two ti bars, and Roy's cross bike out tomorrow.

Feeling kinda tired so I'll catch y'all tomorrow bright and early,



Lester said...

B E A U T I F U L !

Thank you so much.

Garrett said...

Awesome paint on the Ti frame, I would've just had clear put over the black and silver though.

Rody said...

Thanks Lester, the bar is on it's way to you!

Garret, tell ya what, I'd be glad to leave it silver and black on your frame...ready to order one? :)



stevied said...

That looks like a grove ti frame.

Rody said...

Good eye is a circa 94 Grove Ti with his unique water cut dropouts, forward slotted seat tube and cable routing giving it away :)



garrett said...

As soon as I win the lottery Rody!