Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend update...not SNL coverage ;)

Hey folks,

A quicky update to let you in on the last few days...

Thursday was spent finishing up the Black Luv Hanldles and sending them out. I pushed a little extra and finished up some of the early August payments, so some of you should be getting your bars a bit early...boo ya!

Friday was a give back day. I receive lots of emails and phone calls from folks who want to get into the frame biz and would like to be an apprentice, shop rat, or just come in for a little teaching time. As much as I would like to accommodate everyone, I just do not have the time to teach as well as keep my nose to the grind stone...but every now and then I try to show a little love and give back to the profession that brings me so much joy.

So Friday I had Larry in the shop and we spent the day working on construction techniques, specifically tig welding. We touched on such items as cleaning methods and process, tungsten choice, control settings, torch angle, filler position and technique for varying joints, and finally let him loose on a custom handlebar that would challenge all the tips he had learned that day. We worked well later than he had planned...thanks to his wife for being patient in his return home ;)

Hopefully, Larry will document some of his thoughts for all to share on Frameforum soon.

Moving on, Dave sent me a pic of his custom Ti luvs all mounted up...ride report forthcoming. If you are interested in Ti Luvs, they are now a standard item. Check in with me for availablility/ordering.

Over the weekend, it was shop duties to take care of...specifically, painting the exterior. Some recent graffitie and a weathered exterior were calling for attention, so Kalten and I got out the scrapers and brushes. Should finish up today.

I also am in the process of finishing up the custom paint on some bars today for the July order...should be shipping Thursday.

I'm off to get Bob's Yo into paint...yippee!




Carmen Electrode said...

Instead of having folks into the shop (although it sounds like you guys had fun) you should do a video demo.....
thats some nice tig welds you've got!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I live in Ohio and would rather bother you via video than by driving a couple hours. You are a good craftsman.

Anonymous said...

Any chance some of those Luvs going out will be of the Ti variety?

JK said...

Hey Rody
Black Luv arrived safely this morning at my door here in Germany...that was fast!

Feels very stiff, light as well, nice, very nice!

Thank you so much ::)

Cheers, Jerome