Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lots of little things...

Monday and Tuesday were spent doing all the exciting aspects of being a frame builder; ordering parts, specing tubing, paying bills, standing inline shipping bikes, etc...

One cool thing is that the Tee's finally arrived, available in indigo and navy blue or heather and chocolate brown, these guys are ready to send out. Cost on these guys are 20 bucks shipped. Talking to Scotty, my hook up for all things textile, the prices of tees have been as variable as gasoline of late. Seems the best day to order shirts and fill up the car is Tuesday... a word for your benefit exclusively from Groovy headquarters ;)

One of my racer guys, John, is truly a pedal addict. Give him a bike and he rips...ask him to take care of it and he gets a funny look on his face :) So, as his bike is taking a beating running in two series this year, it's time to respray it with some new love. Below is the headtube...can you see where the headbadge used to be?

The new coat will be a straight up traffic orange. I'm going to powder coat it using Duponts newest primer and TGIC polyester powder, a bullet proof finish. We had some testing done at the Dupont lab where they submerged the part in an 80% brine solution and took it out once a day to inspect for degredation. The primer/poly part lasted 180 days with no deterioration. They stopped the testing as they needed the tank for other clients. Although not as bling as the liquid paint, my powder finishes are truly the best in the biz for durability.

As I spend long days at the shop, I have to feed my hungry belly. My favorite vice is a little bakery that is across the alley from me; Troyers home pantry. Check out this Red raspberry cream pie loving that was my breakfast, lunch and dinner today...yeah!

In addition to my other errands, I resto'd my Bad Boy Blaster with new media, new glass film, and filter. Mark at Bad Boy Blasters is THE BEST in the cabinet business...customer support is his priority, make sure you check him out www.badboyblasters.com . Great cabinets for builders at super prices.

Finally, I got a treat this afternoon. Lindsay and Casey stopped by to say hello and were kind enough to be my Luv Handle models for a quick shot. Both these girls have been a special part of my life as they've shared many rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking trips with me. Love 'em both and wish only the best for them in the future...they are both shaking the world up from differing perspectives :)

Catch y'all tomorrow,


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