Friday, July 18, 2008

A feeble attempt at fun...

As I'm sequestered for a few days in public service, I thought I'd share an update from a ride this week.

One of the advantages of being a builder is all the cool folks you meet and are able to share the excitement of riding with by loaning out demo bikes, guiding the local trails, and being able to justify having lots of kickin' equipment around.

The disadvantage is that often, that cool equipment is beat on, crashed, and generally knackered.

A shining example of that occured this week. I had loaned out the bike I ride often to some folks for the Groovy Series race last Saturday. Emily Francone of Tucson had ridden it to a first place finish despite it being a bit large for her. It was cool to hear the fans along the course encouraging the visiting rider, calling out "Go Groovy Girl!" Muddy and tired, there were smiles all was a rewarding night.

Flash forward a few days and my son, Kalten, had been asking me to take him out for a ride, Cubby needed to be run on the trail, and honestly, I had not made enough time for me to get out of late. So off to the local trails we sped. We arrived at the trailhead dressed and ready for action, the weather warm with a gentle breeze, and the poison ivy and mosquitos in full bloom.

As I began to mount up I realized that my normal Crank Brother's Candy pedals were absent, the spd's Emily had used still in place. Figures...the pedals and my shoes were not compatible. Not one to give up easily, there was only one solution; tape, and lots of it. I slid the Birks back on, grabbed a wide role of masking tape, and began wrapping my feet and the pedals up. Ta Da...instant make shift clipless.

The set up worked out pretty well until on a long down hill ending in a creek crossing; Cubby stopped dead in the middle of the creek, I hit the brakes hard, and my feet did not come free. Endoing over the bars headed for the rocky bottom, I had just enough time to think "oh boy, this is gonna hurt". Fortunately, the cool water washed the flowing blood from my leg and elbow away before Cubby's sandpaper tongue could lapp it up.

We cut the ride short, as my feet kept falling out of my now soaked and loose sandals, but despite the setback, we had a great time.

Kalten rode well and Cubby, despite only being 6 months old, is becoming quite the trail dog.

It was good to get out. Til next time...



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