Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chris's frame taking shape

Well, yesterday dawned muggy with lots of rain as evident in the pic just kept coming down in buckets. The demo bikes keep coming back from the trail almost unidentifiable due to the amount of mud that is ever present lately.

I started the day by packing up the rasta frame and's heading off to sunnier climates in Reno, congrats Phong, should be a killer bike for you :)

Once I got my schwerve on, it was back to fabrication. I finished up seat stays and brazed the rear end halves is a pic fresh out of the water...

The next step for the stays is the mill. I place each stay in a fixture and run an endmill through the intersection of the stay and the dropout to give a rough scallop shape. A little filing and sanding and you have some finished pieces...

Ok, so maybe there is a bit more sanding then I let on, as the residue from my apron shows ;)

Next up I mark and drill the vent holes in the main triangle for where the stays will meet. This allows for good air circulation, access for rust proofing, and aids in welding to diffuse the pressure from the heated gases. Below is the bottom bracket just after hitting it with a #3 centerdrill. Each vent hole gets deburred and sanded smooth before welding.

I hit a bit of a road block when it came time to put in the brake bridge...I did not have any recessed bolt inserts to place into the bridge. I ran out and as I have not had any road bikes lately, forgot to order more. So, off to the lathe to turn one up. After a bit of work, I've got a nice piece that will give a stable clamping surface as well as a clean recessed section to hold the Dura Ace fixing sleeve for the rear brake.

Mocked up in place, awaiting some braze lovin...

And finally, the frame all pieced together. I've still to drill the fork brake hole and dimple the chainstay and she'll be ready for paint.

Chris has requested a finish to compliment his 29er...a pale pink and vanilla shake polka dot jobby with panels.

I'm off to get busy with it!


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