Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bikes for the Holidays...

Merry Christmas all,

Thought I'd post up a quickly as I wait for the family to be ready to travel for the family get together.

Christmas Eve I was in the shop until 1830 working on finishing two special projects.

Chris stopped by so that we could assemble and test ride his travel single rise Luv, Paul levers, leather wrapped grips, Brooks saddle, Phil hubs, White Industry dual eno freewheel, and a mix of early 80's Campy brakes and cranks.

The old kit through some bumps in the road getting it all to flow together well...particularly the chainline on the old track crank with the dual freewheel, but here she is in all her urban attack glory.
A shot of the dual Eno for some gear range versatility...

Chris loaded her up and is planning on riding on Christmas day, hope he stays warm :)
The other project is one that I've been working on in bits and pieces secretively for Kaltens gift. He's had a desire to play with trials, so I built up a replica of my old GT trials bike.

I powder coated the bash guard this morning, so now she is all done and ready for some bouncy action.
I think he likes it ;)

I'll be taking today off, back at it Friday.
Catch y'all on the flip side,


Thylacine said...

That's the type of townie I need to do for myself one of these days. Sweet!

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

That is so awesome about the GT trial bike you cool. great gift.