Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black and Silver are so last year...

Hey guys and gals,

I was spending some time tonight trying to sort through some of my files, cleaning up the hard drive, and decided to throw together a little video for y'all...

Fun Paint in 2008!

While not all bikes I've built or worked on this year go over the top in the paint department, there have been some fun finishes that have caught my eye, so here they are in a not so comprehensive but still cute and interesting little video clip of joy ;)

The vid is too big for the blogger software, so the link will have to suffice...make sure to click on "watch in high quality" on the lower right portion of the window.




Roy said...

Nice, and I'm in it :-).... as said many times before all of your paintjobs look even better in the flesh.. way to go! keep up the good work in '09

Rody said...

Thanks Roy, have you confirmed your attendance at NAHBS for Feb? Gonna have to stop by the shop afterwords for some social time :)