Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pretty slow day...

Hey folks,

Not much to report on the frame building front...worked on Eric's clear yesterday and decided to do one more coat tomorrow.

Had Doug from Canton stop by on his way back from Roll, a high end shop in Columbus, to say hello. It's nice to have a few folks come by every now and then, now that the retail shop up front is gone and it's winter, the visitors have dwindled off and it makes for looong lonely days.

Today I doing time at the FD and things are slow. It's days like these that it feels more like solitary confinement.

I did do some significant building today though...with Christmas looming just around the corner, one of the guys brought in some toys to assemble. Pleading ignorance in mechanical aptitude, he lured me into taking on the projects.
Gregs garage...a tri level garage with working elevator, two part slide and heli pad, oh yeah!

Project two... a nightmarish grocery store
Here Greg is trying to count the number of parts in the box :)
...and two hours later (yep, no kidding, it totally sucked!)

I learned two things working on these today;

First, I no longer have the patience for the bull shit that comes with assembling small childrens toys manufactured in a large factory, packaged in 150 pieces, with little to no instructions. Forget the whole, "I'm a man, I don't need instructions"...after assembling and then having to take it apart to move a piece for the third time, I was providing more entertainment than efficiently completing the project.

Second, building a frame is way easier ;) ... if you can assemble this "grocery store", you can build a frame!

Add in a chorus of scathing jeers and laughter, and you can see how my day is progressing ;)
see y'all tomorrow,

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DougM said...

You like visitors? I live just a couple hours away and travel to Cleveland through Wooster from time to time. I would love to see your shop! Next time I head that way I will be sure to plan for some time to stop by.