Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BLINGY BLING...put on your cool glasses folks!

I did more painting today, but as I've inundated you with finish pics of late, I thought I'd show you what I did in the interim times when the parts were baking off.

I mocked up Eric's frame, fork, and stem for you to check out...to get it ready, I rubbed down the frame with a high finish rubbing cream, applied polish, tapped all the bottle bosses, rack braze ons, pinch bolts, and derailleur hanger, and applied the headbadge.

Eric's box of goodies...lots of bling going on this bike. Should be some high quality parts to last a long time on the trail with potential for big smiles :)

Some of the coolest parts are those that go right into the frame; the bottom bracket and the head set.
Here's a shot of the new King bottom bracket for thru-axle two piece cranks. As expected, it is beautifully constructed with the same high performance bearings as found in their headsets and hubs.

Eric is also throwing on a Cane Creek 110 headset, their high end offering...pretty sweet stuff.

Installed and posing for the bike porn shot ;)

Starting early in the morning so that I can finish the last coat of clear for Chris's frame and get that bad boy built up. I'm hoping to get out of the shop by 1800 so I can spend the evening with the family. Best wishes to all of you this Christmas...I hope you all are able to give of yourself to someone special.


Bret Moss said...
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Bret Moss said...

This bike has mid life crisis written all over it ;)

Tell Eric he can't ride this until after you show it at the 5th NAHBS.

laffeaux said...

Every day it gets better and better. :)