Saturday, December 6, 2008

Goyo's frame all stuck together...

Hey folks,

Now that all the bars are out of the way, it's back to the task at hand...finishing up Goyo's 650b bike. As the last chapter closed, I had mitered up all the tubes but a last minute decision to use internal cable routing set us back until I could get some more brass stock to run the lines.

With materials in hand, we're back on track ;)

One of the steps I needed to complete before taking the tubes back out of the fixture is to mark all the intersections to drill the vent holes. This allows for air exchange within the tubing as well as access for application of frame saver to provide the best protection long term.

So, here's a shot with the black sharpee all scribbled out...

Once marked, it's off to the mill and the center drill to create the access holes.

Drilling the head tube...

After the holes are drilled on the mill, each is deburred with a sharp rotating knife, to relieve any chips and keep the fabrication clean and tidy.

While I had the mill fired up, I drilled the pilot holes for the internal cable routing. Goyo will use this bike as his primary race bike next year and will run single speed the majority of the time, but would like the ability to run gears if he desires. To keep the frame as clean as possible, I'll be using internal full cable routing so that it is hidden with minimum stuff hanging off the frame. Here I've bent up some brass tubing to create the internal run...

Laying it out on the tube...the cables will enter the side opposite of the head tube and then exit the function side of the down tube, thus reducing cable bending and frame wear due to cable rub.
Just a neat option you have going custom :)

Filing open the entry points for the tubing...

In place and ready for some silver.

and skipping ahead, all brazed, ground, filed and ready for action.

All the pieces parts cleaned again and ready to be assembled...

Tight miters are so important for high quality welds that are diminutive in size so that they disappear under the paint. Here are a few shots showing the tack welds on the head tube and bottom bracket...

Tight baby!

Finally, got the frame all welded up.

I've still have the dropouts to finish and the braze ons to stick in place, but this guy will be ready to head to the paint booth this week. Should be on it's way before Christmas.
Watch out Philippines...there's going to be a spanky fast bike in town for the new year!


steve garro said...

hey, Rody - did yer grandma leave her glasses at your shop again? steve.

Rody said...

Keep it up cripple, it sucks to get old eh?

luv ya long time,


Foresta Bikes said...

Great post Rody. It illustrates the quality of your work process well.