Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finishing up some projects...and a ride today!

Just a quick post for tonight...gotta run into the FD to work the night shift.

I finished fabrication on Goyo's frame...had the seatstay bridge, all the braze ons and the seat tube to ream.

It's very important to insure that you vent the bridge before welding or the internal gas pressure will blow a hole in your hard work; here I drilled each stay inside where the bridge will cover.
Checking the fit of the oval bridge...

Tacking it in place. I do not use any filler when I tack. This pulls a bit of material from each piece, undercutting it slightly, but when I go back and run my bead the filler will fill and valley out the joint, leaving it consistent and strong.

All welded in...
Next up I silvered in the dropouts, bottle bosses, seat pinch bolt, and cable guides. I also silvered the stem and bar/stem combos while the torch was hot. Here they are, soaking off their crystal like flux.
And finally the finished fabrication. This frame turned out very nice...all the welding went butter smooth, the new custom stays that Dedda made for me are sweet, and I'm stoked to get it's sexy metal body into the paint booth to bring it to life. Goyo, this is going to be one sweet ride!

It was 1600 hours and the sun would be setting shortly. With the weather looking like snow the next few days, Kalten and I decided to run out to the Knob for a quick lap with the dog. It was my first ride in about a month, a bit muddy but lots of fun. Thanks Rob for snapping the shot ;)

Sun setting over the valley, silos in the distance

See y'all tomorrow,

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Looks beautiful!!!