Monday, December 22, 2008

sand and spray...not tropical!

It is frickin coooold today...5 degrees Fahrenheit when I got to the shop with 28mph winds.

It took me 20 minutes to get into the shop as the locks were frozen and would not open. I broke out the portable torch from the car (don't ask...there is way too much stuff in the Volvo!), heated up the cylinders, said a little prayer through my shivering lips and finally the door was open.

Knowing that I needed to paint today, it took a bit to get the shop temp up to where at least the solvents were stable enough to anticipate how they would flow out and evaporate before I could start.

I sprayed up Eric's final clear and then got to work on the rear end to Chris's SS coupled bike.

Everything went smoothly despite the environmental challenge of temperature. I threw together a little clip for y'all tonight to mix things up a bit.

Lots of deliveries today...Ti for bars, Chromo for bars and forks, and I had 12 troy ounces of silver land, so I should be stocked up for a few months.

Tomorrow I'll finish Goyo's frame fabrication and Chris's clear.



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denise garro said...

Happy holidays.....I hope you and the family are well....I hope you have some time wishes on the new year....cheers...D